EMGAT Terms of reference


We want the committee to be efficient, allow a respectful conflict of ideas and be focused on representing the views of the whole trainee body.

Our committee will meet approximately every 2 to 3 months around training committee meetings. It is essential to use that time wisely.

As representatives we will then share the information with the training committee and discuss items arising from training committee meetings.

Responsibility of the EMGAT committee

The roles of the committee members are:

  • Gather, share and reflect the views of trainees.
  • Represent trainees and their views at the training committee and any other off-shoot committee meetings.
  • To identify and inform the trainee body as appropriate of decisions made at training committee meetings.


The committee is made up of a chair, secretary, GAT link, UHL trainee rep and 2 reps from CT1/2, ST3/4 and ST5-7.

Committee members may take on additional roles such as social secretary, IT support etc.

Committee members will be expected to act upon tasks agreed by the committee as decided at the committee meetings, noted in the minutes.

The term limit is for duration of that level of training for each individual member.

Members are expected to attend a minimum of 60% meetings unless exceptional circumstances. Missing three meetings in a row will lead to consideration by the committee as to that member’s level of commitment.

The roles require time and commitment by the individual trainees both to attend meetings and for work outside the meetings.

Elections to the committee for new members will require personal statements of 200 words that will be circulated to all trainees followed by a vote.

Election to chair and secretary will be from within the committee and require 200 word personal statements. These will be circulated to the committee and voted upon. The chair should be a senior post FRCA trainee but secretary can be any level trainee.

If there is only one candidate they will take the position without a vote.

Last updated March 2017