The Committee

The EMGAT committee represent the trainees from the North and South of the region.

Chair: Dr Paul Groves

Secretary: Dr Irina Georgieva

Doctors In Training Rep: Dr Rahil Mandalia

ICM Rep:

Dr Martin Smith

Dr James Shilston


AoA Trainee Network Lead: Dr Sophie Evans / Dr Rahil Mandalia


Higher Rep

Dr Danny Fleet (also AoA Wellbeing rep)

Dr Arihant Jain

Dr Emily Parker

Dr Fran Tait

Dr Mehar Ahson


Intermediate Rep

Dr Fred Campbell-Jones

Dr Emily Rich

Dr Jo Shak

Dr Evi Poimenidi

Dr Chung Chow


Core Rep

Dr Tim Ogilvie

Dr Lucie Wetherall


EMSA (North) Reps

Dr Natalie Edwards

Dr Will Tomlinson