Minutes 7th February

EMGAT Meeting 7th  October 2017 

Present: Clare Collins (CC), Chris Hebbes (CH), Siti Basar (SB), Andy Hughes (AH), Jenny Briggs (JB), Fran Tait (FT), Zoe Whitman (ZW) 


  1. Matters arising (CH) 

The previous minutes were accepted with no changes.  No new issues to discuss (except those already on the agenda) 

  1. CSL Underspend application – debrief and evaluation (AH) 

AH highlighted the £1.2m applications for £400,000 available, extremely competitive round of applications.  Scoring criteria based on HoS/DME support, Multiprofessional, Benefit >1 site, Value for learners, Promoting the region, Sustainability, Maintenance. 

Application for a lump sum is a good way of supporting initiatives in anaesthesia – agreement to encourage trainees to utilise their SL budget. 

CH to circulate in newsletter and call for suggestions for this year’s application (likely Sept / Oct).  ?guide for how to claim SL budget in different hospitals (possibility of using various tools to produce guides – DrToolbox, Silo, Medcrowd) 

  1. Feedback from SLC / TC meetings (CC) 

School board 

Quality – a main focus.  Boston is under scrutiny, some issues with junior trainees have been resolved, although there remains issues with giving higher trainees adequate experience.  They are currently not accredited to sign off any higher module.  

Funding – the deanery are under significant financial pressure.  This may impact on any admin interactions with HEEM 

Departmental time – This has been ratified and should be happening.  Time available to support “Annexe G” activities in association in lieu of trainees undertaking teaching. 

Feedback questionnaire – Rik Kapilla has circulated a new version of the feedback form which now has a section to fill in feedback on individual consultants, allowing feedback both positive and negative to be fed back to the individuals concerned in order to support professional development, recognise good practice and motivate. 

  1. Office365 / Moodle replacement (CH) 

New system – allows accessing attachments without logging in separately. Concern that some consultants are members of the “Higher trainees” group – this is necessary to allow them to send mail to the group.  CH to ask about a trainees only EMGAT group 

In general, some useful features over and above the existing moodle system. 

  1. Succession planning (CH) 

JB moving on – buddying work handed over to Yavor Metodiev.  CC will CCT in November – to start process of recruitment in August.  ZW due to CCT 2019, AH will CCT Sept 2018.  Committee consists of membership from all levels, although need to improve engagement of more junior trainees. 

Aim to start a new round of recruitment later in the year, and ensure an adequate handover period for the chair position.   

  1. AOB 

Specialty reps trainee committee May 15th