Minutes 22nd June

Minutes – EMGAT Meeting 22nd June 2017

Chair: Clare Collins


Jenny Briggs,Chris Hebbes, Andy Hughes, Peter Remeta, Fran Tait, Arun Tohani, Zoe Whitman, Charindri Wariyapola, Luke Dyson


Kaush Katechia, Siti Basar, Mehar Ahson, David Green, Fran Tait


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted (April 2017)

2. CSL Underspend

AH has progressed the application for underspend funding for an ALS course; awaiting HoS signature, and submission in September. Provisionally planned for 14th February 2018, at the LRI.

Awaiting confirmation of instructors – email to ask volunteers (CC)

Submission of paperwork with HoS signature (AH) in September


The general issue of CSL underspend is being addressed at a trust level. Within UHL, the appointment of a coordinator with a rotation between sites is a start to encourage submission of claims forms.  AH highlighted a “how-to” guide for claiming (CH to add link to newsletter and website, and news of ALS course).  

LETB are currently working with UHL to investigate barriers to claiming study budget.

Two funding streams – anaesthesia underspend, and LETB underspend.  Both available for applications.  CC suggested asking for suggestions for future applications to ensure that the funding can be used for education in anaesthesia.  HoS approach may be to topslice a nominal amount from each budget to create a number of additional bursaries, available to all and accessible by application for particular achievements (e.g presenting at a conference abroad)

Suggestions include

  • Bronchoscopy trainer ** (existing ECHO trainer is underutilised – look at increasing usage and encouraging) JB to liaise with Fiona Webster / Mike Little / Andrew Packham
  • Funding for Mentoring – this happens in the North of the region, but has not been extended to the South

Potential learning opportunity for others to be involved in business case

CH to add to newsletter


3. Feedback from meeting RE: Boston

Physical meeting did not happen. Trainee concerns have anonymously been fed back to Rik Kapila through EMGAT for further action. Concerns expressed at all levles – some favourable points – management and team experience not always reflected in ARCP requirements.  LETB visit scheduled to investigate concerns (29/6).


4. Feedback from Training Committee and Board meetings

CC attended both meetings and fed back the following themes

Wish list – has been fed on to HoS by CC

  • Module standardisation – there is funding for a post to support this.  EMGAT welcomed and supported this move.


Exception reporting – move to the new contract in August. Exception reporting is supported by the school, and should be encouraged.  There is a flowchart for this within UHL, but other trusts may have other mechanisms. Trainees wishing to know more should be referred to NHS Employers website – and should familiarise themselves with the rota template (NB UHL have a new contract area on insite).  CH to add to newsletter and signpost to instructions


Exam notification – the school has no formal mechanism for notification when a trainee sits or passes an exam.  Difficult to ensure that trainees get the support they need – in the first instance, encourage notification of the relevant TPD.  CH to add to newsletter.  It has been noted that core trainees leaving training with the intention of sitting the exam after leaving training rarely achieve this.


Penultimate Year Assessments – Will restart this year.  EMGAT Saw this as a positive improvement.  Trainees should be encouraged to consult and be famniliar with the Gold Guide to know the requirements for CCT ahead of time.  CH to disseminate.


SPA for registrars – the possibility of introducing SPA time for senior registrars.  Still in progress at present, but EMGAT support this.


LTFT – a general LTFT evening organised by anaesthesia but available to all organised for 25th Sept evening. CH to add to newsletter.



5. Summer Party

FT is organising – looking at dates.  Still TBC – August likely to encourage the new trainees to come and meet colleagues.  Should be an inclusive event.

ALL to suggest dates and feedback to FT

FT to progress (with support)


6. Induction

To be held this year at the Summer meeting.  Dates and Rotas now available – as a committee try to attend.  Specific points to be raised – buddying, how-to, support


7. Feedback on how-to guides

As yet in progress.  Planning for

  • Core trainee guide (AT, CW) – How to… ePortfolio, Logbooks, Useful lists, “what I wish I’d have known when I started”, preparing for ARCP, PRimary, Study leave
  • Intermediate trainee guide (PR) – Useful lists, “what I wish I’d have known when I started”, Final
  • Higher trainee guide – PYAs, Applying for CCT, Module specifics… (requirements for airway, obs etc) (?)
  • ICM – how to apply (ZW)
  • LTFT – Already in progress (and is being updated)

8. Induction planning.  We plan to have a presence at the 2017/18 induction again this year.  CH to liaise


9. AOB


Website – Brief biog and photo of each committee member for the website (all members – to CH)


10. Dates for diary and website

Next school board / TC – TBC

RCoA / HEE / EMSA meeting to address recruitment and retention issues 15th Sept (may require representation)

EMSA Summer meeting and Induction – 8th August

Summer party – TBC


Date of next meeting – August 2017 – prior to induction