Minutes 26th April

Minutes – EMGAT Meeting 26th April 2017

Chair: Clare Collins


Mehar Ahson, Siti Basar, Jenny Briggs, David Green, Chris Hebbes, Andy Hughes, Peter Remeta, Fran Tait, Arun Tohani, Zoe Whitman


Kaush Katechia, Charindri Wariyapola



  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted (Feb 2017)

2. Newsletter: CH has prepared draft text.  ZW has agreed to format for sending out (completed)

3. Trainee wish list

This is as decided at the last meeting in Feburary and will be highlighted at the school board in June

A. Standardised module requirements

B. Rotation plans for the whole of a stage of training

C. Trainees as assessors – a project to allow higher trainees to assess more junior trainees.  This will address inequalities between ACCS EM/AM and Anaes, and allow higher trainees to gain competences in assessment prior to becoming consultants

4. New committee members were welcomed and introduced to their roles.  The basicrep@emgat.org.uk, intermediaterep@emgat.org.uk and higherrep@emgat.org.uk email addresses have been redirected appropriately (completed).

Members are “moderators” of the facebook group, and can approve requests to join from trainees at their level, equally should remove trainees that have left the region.  CC will send out a message asking those that have left the region to remove themselves


5. ZW highlighted a move (initially at the ICM board) to abandon the current allocation of educational supervisors for the whole of training and sought the committee’s views on this.  There is a balance between having a good rapport, and an educational supervisor that understands trainee needs, with the need to be able to terminate a supervision relationship if it isn’t working for either party.  We will undertake a wider consultantion to feed back to the school board (all members)

This becomes an issue with the new contract as a named ES must be involved in exception reports (and it’s most appropriate that be done locally).  All agreed the need to have clear defined roles, and possibly a central ES, and locally defined CS.

We discussed ways of recongising excellence – Rik Kapilla is involved in a whole school survey, which could be used.  Need to be able to feed back to educational supervisors anonymously without repercussions.

PR indicated that there were a number of trainees that did not have educational supervisors allocated.  CH to D/W Dr Leighton (completed and resolved)


6. JB fed back on the progress of the buddying scheme.  There is limited uptake – although the committee felt that there was value in offering it to trainees – the limitations of self-reporting.  Trainees may meet with their buddies more than they report, and this may help them settle in during the challenging first few weeks.  PR commented that, as a trainee from abroad, and from a non-training post, trainees in his position could benefit from the scheme as well.  One ongoing issue is the difficulty of obtaining contact details to match potential buddies.  EMSA (North) have successfully applied for funding for their mentoring scheme – we have attempted to cross-link, although there are challenges.  We will try and raise awareness and recruit additional buddies at the induction.  CH to liaise regarding induction


7. Monitoring exception reporting.  Those on the new contract should be exception reporting.  The school is encouraging this to be done without negative consequences.  CH to add to newsletter.


8. Induction planning.  We plan to have a presence at the 2017/18 induction again this year.  CH to liaise


9. AOB

CSL Underspend – AH has investigated this; there may be issues with running an additional funded ALS course in UHL paid for by the underspend.  AH to meet with resus department and to investigate other options – Northampton?

GAT meeting – AH highlighted the dates of GAT – these to be added to the newsletter – CH

Car parking – DG highlighted ongoing issues with several trainees having access to car parking at LRI

Communications – PR/DG highlighted difficulties in coming to the region from elsewhere, although he has had a good experience and good communication (particularly from Olivia).  To ease some of this, we will produce a “how to” document, accessible via the website – CH (CC note – the LTFT guide is being updated)

– How To – ACCS / ICM (FT)

Website – Brief biog and photo of each committee member for the website (all members – to CH)

Date of next meeting – End of June 2017