Minutes – Committee meeting 7th February 2017

EMGAT Committee Meeting

February 7th 2017


Chair: David Marriott (DM)

Secretary: Chris Hebbes (CH)

Present: Jenny Briggs (JB), Clare Collins (CC), Luke Dyson (LD), Andy Hughes (AH), Zoe Whitman (ZW)


  • The minutes of the previous meeting (March 2016) were accepted with the following matters arising
    1. Integration – the committee noted that the North had received some mentoring funding, and there is the possibility of working with the North of the region in receiving future funding for mention

The ICM N/S integration via ZW and Ziad Al-Rifai was working well

  1. The rota planning was much improved – the committee recognised that this was in part due to the appointment of Olivia Coleman (in UHL) – and her empowerment to facilitate rota changes / teaching etc.

DM to write a formal letter of thanks recognising the work on this issue

  1. We welcome Andy Hughes (AH) to the committee as GAT TNL
  • Committee membership
    1. Succession planning
      1. The committee is mostly ST6+ at present – ideally we would wish to appoint a trainee at ST4/5 to steer the group for a reasonable tenure. There were no potential candidates at the meeting, nor for the post of secretary / webmaster.
      2. The appointment of a new president is important – DM to step down after consultant appointment in the near future. The committee agreed that a new president should be at least ST4+
  • Provisional plans for expressions of interest open to all, with a committee decision when expressions received. Committee to publicise and ensure that likely applicants are made aware of this.
  1. The committee recognised the contribution of Fred Campbell-Jones, who has stepped down.

DM to write an advert for the post of president, and to open more junior membership. – IN PROGRESS 15/2

  • Service pressures
    1. AH drew the group’s attention to the AAGBI and RCoA statement on the recent service pressures and the use of anaesthetists to cover gaps in other specialties.
    2. The group agreed that, as we are not members of hospital at night in Leicester, this did not affect trainees in UHL at present, but could affect those in DGH. In these challenging times, trainees should be aware of where to go for sources of support, and that there was a formal mechanism in place.

AH to write note for the newsletter raising awareness – COMPLETED 15/2

  • Hours exception reporting
    1. Within UHL, the new contract will be implemented within the next year for everyone. Instead of monitoring, exception reporting is the new mechanism for indicating a) unusual and exceptional requirement to breach hours, or b) working patterns that regularly breach hours.  As a committee, we are keen to ensure that trainees are aware that there is a mechanism to report such breaches, and that, if individuals are singled out for doing this, we will try and support.  The UHL mechanism was discussed, although it is expected that all hospitals should have a mechanism in place.

JB to draft statement for newsletter – COMPLETED 15/2

  • Study leave and finance issues
    1. Travel expenses for attending regional teaching

AH has surveyed other regions to ask their policy regarding this.  Sheffield / Northern replied and are a small deanery, and did not feel that this was such a significant issue.  The more peripheral DGH locations within EMSA (Boston) – particularly for novice trainees, present a more significant problem.  There is a mechanism in place as this hardship is recognised by the school board – funding is allocated to support the exceptional travel costs of those trainees.

We discussed the organisation of teaching, and possibility of small group sessions / reorganisation.

  1. CSL underspend

AH has highlighted a significant Study Leave – HEEM feel that money is not being claimed – and work is ongoing to ascertain why.  The committee noted that UHL are working on this – the appointment of a new SL coordinator who rotates around the sites within UHL may improve uptake.

The underspend is significant: only £26k out of £105k available for the school of anaesthesia has been paid out in Q1 & Q2 this financial year (although £55k had been applied for) – this is open to DMEs and to specialty schools.  As a committee, we are keen to bid for funding aligned to HEEM objectives of multiprofessionalism and education.

Subsidised ALS course for ST6+ registrars preparing for consultancy – to be run in March of each year

Subsidised transfer course for core trainees

Education training for senior registrars

AH to lead on this – liaise with Gerrard O’Reiley and peripheral sites for costings and application (by September – plan for March 2018)

  • AAGBI conference attendance
    1. AH highlighted the dates of the next AAGBI conferences
      1. GAT 5-7 July 2017
      2. Congress 27-29 Sept 2017

Dates to be highlighted on newsletter / website CH

  • New HoS
    1. The committee welcomed the appointment of Dr Ralph Leighton as Head of School, and wished the outgoing HoS, Dr Andy Norris well. We look forward to continuing to work with Dr Leighton in his new capacity.  This does potentially leave a TPD vacancy at higher level.
    2. DM noted that as part of the integration, new rotations with include 50% of “central” time in Leicester, and 50% in Nottingham, with trainees being allocated to their peripheral rotations either in the North or the South.
    3. Ralph Leighton has requested a trainee Wish List – suggestions to DM
      1. Standardised module requirements
      2. Rotation plans for the entirety of Core / Intermediate / Higher
  • Involvement of EMGAT in induction
  1. Allowing trainees to conduct assessments

DM to compile list and liaise with Ralph Leighton

  • Training issues and module sign offs
    1. CH noted the recent email sent regarding the resuscitation module with a number of specific requirements – outwith the RCoA curriculum and not aligned to the requirements in other hospitals. Andy Norris had made some progress with the standardisation of modules (cardiac), although this has since halted.  This is an issue with many modules and leads, but particular issues are noted with obstetrics, orthopaedics/trauma and resuscitation within UHL.

DM to compile with wish list

  1. CH has been in contact with the Northern Deanery ARCP lead – and highlighted their approach to allowing trainees to conduct assessments. This might be a useful approach for more senior trainees, to allow educational experience, and especially as core trainees are often supervised by registrars.

DM to compile with wish list

  • AoB
    1. There was no other business


Date of next meeting: To be confirmed – End of March (aim to review new committee appointments by then).