Statement: Simon Denning

AAGBI TNL Statement – Simon Denning


I love my job, and am motivated to protect it from detrimental changes imposed by those who would seek to work us longer and harder without any thought for trainee well-being or the quality of our training. I would like the opportunity to help improve conditions in the East Midlands working through GAT.

Since CT1, I have led a passionate team of trainees that has improved recruitment to the specialty by raising the profile of a career in anaesthesia amongst local undergraduates. Now, as an ST4, I am on the local organising committee for GAT 2016 in Nottingham, and have gained valuable insight into the workings both of GAT and the planning of a national meeting.

Outside medicine I have a new-born daughter who already has me wrapped around her little finger,and I enjoy playing and coaching American Football.

With so many channels of communication available I want to work towards better two-way dialogue between the AAGBI and trainees so that we can remain actively involved with the big issues. I truly believe that by making our voices heard through GAT we have the power to influence organisational change.