Statement: Barbara Stahl

AAGBI TNL Statement – Barbara Stahl



My name is Barbara Stahl and I am currently an ST5 Anaesthetic registrar. I am also a LTFT as well as a member of various associations.

Being senior and LTFT means I have experience, know my way around consultants and trainees. I have seen various stages of training, different teachings for different exams and know of the struggles we all have gone through.

I would like this position as it will allow me to use this knowledge and link it to our trainees as well as others around the country. It will help to know what other deaneries do, how they perform and prepare and to compare it with ours, taking the best to make it work for us.

As I have been around so long I find it easy to speak to other trainees, find out their views and help distribute them.

In the current climate, with the government’s plans I think it will be more important than ever to stand together to find a way through training and I will do my best to liaise with others to get their views and ours and combine them for a better training for our region.