Statement: Andrew Hughes

AAGBI TNL Statement – Andrew Hughes


The Trainee Network Lead is the link between the national GAT committee and our own East Midlands GAT. It involves sharing experience and seeing how others are tackling training issues. As a Fellow in Education Quality Improvement (UHL Dept of Clinical Education (DCE)) I have seen issues in medical student and other speciality training schemes and the way in which they are addressed.

These often incorporate external processes (HEE East Midlands, GMC, University of Leicester).

Observing quality assurance mechanisms and contributing to improvement projects gives me an understanding of what levers are available to influence change. My interest in education comes from experiencing episodes of poor training and so I strive to better it where possible.

Being a member of various committees (Doctors in Training (DiTC), Medical Education & Training, Education to Improve Patient Safety (EIPS)) I provide a link for the DCE and liaise with a range of individuals to facilitate collaborative working (examples being the EIPS newsletter and Trust Grade simulation). This together with a long experience of training in the region’s hospitals, acting as an anaesthetic ‘buddy’ and a UHL Egan mentor, I believe, makes me an excellent candidate for the post of Training Network Lead.