Minutes 9th March 2016

EMGAT Minutes – March 2016

Chair: David Marriott (DM)

Secretary: Chris Hebbes (CH)

Present: Jenny Briggs (JB), Fred Campbell-Jones (FC), Clare Collins (CC), Luke Dyson (LD)


1) Integration

The integration between the North and South of the region was discussed. There is a clear need for local issues to be discussed, but there are areas where both regions would benefit from collaborative working. Several individuals are key to this.

· Kris Inkpin / Jenny Briggs (mentoring)

· Ziad Al-Rifai / Zoe Marriott (ITU)

· Laura Carrick / Chris Hebbes / Matt Charlton (Academic / Research)

· Steve Hackett / Andy Hughes (Education)

We hope that these individuals will help with collaborative working on these areas between regions.

2) Feedback from rota planning meeting

There have been significant issues with rota planning, late rotas, last minute changes, and requests for rota rewrites with little time before implementation.

The school have decided that there will be a 3 monthly rota meeting to decide where trainees will be allocated for the forthcoming block. This will be fixed except for individual discussion between trainees, TPD and site to facilitate rota planning

Action: None

3) Feedback from training committee meeting

Major issues in the region

Late sitting of exams

Poor exam pass rate

ARCP failure rate

The training committee are placing a greater focus on individual responsibly, highlighting the need for trainees to make contact with their new sites 2/12 in advance in order to specify their training needs for that block to ensure that they meet those needs.

TC requirements on trainees

Make contact early (at least 2/12) with next attachment to specify training needs

Keep a training diary – requirement for trainees to attend 50% of all teaching (Primary/Final/post-FRCA AND LOCAL HOSPITAL TEACHING) – this will be a strict ARCP requirement with the onus on trainees to demonstrate this.

The issue of teaching – particularly where this is not rotad in was discussed; the training committee was resistant to this suggestion that rotaing teaching would allow trainees to attend their required sessions. This leaves trainees in the position of needing to monitor their own teaching sessions, and to choose between training lists. With annual and study leave, mandatory rest, training lists and our other obligations, this is a far from ideal situation.

Requirement for a clear, explicit list of expectations and obligations from the school.

Action: CH to circulate – important information to include in induction to reinforce this year’s ARCP requirement

4) The committee noted the pending retirement of Elaine Sheppard. Elaine was the school coordinator, and for many years was a hub of information for trainees, helping to organise training rotations and facilitating training in the region. She moved on from that role to work for UHL as PA to the theatre matron.

The committee wishes Elaine well for her retirement and she will be missed.

Action: EMGAT to organise card / collection.

5) TSS

Partly as a response to perceived issues with exams, morale and wellbeing, the Trainee Support Service (soon to be Professional Support Service) is trying to improve awareness of its services. Based at Ruddington, the TSS offers help and support for trainees for a range of health and wellbeing related issues. There are a number of important caveats to their service that trainees should be aware of

It is not confidential

TSS cannot be accessed by self referral any more

If support is offered, it must be accessed within 2 working days

This is potentially an issue for the service, and one that trainees should be aware of.

6) Induction

Induction has consistently been an area where parts of the school are highlighted as “red” outliers on the GMC survey. 2015/16 induction had good feedback, particularly in relation to the “trainee led” sessions. We have been asked to participate again, but are keen that the onus is on employers and the school to provide an induction – although EMGAT and trainees can help with the practical aspects of training (the “how do I….” questions from new trainees).

Action: LD to provide TSS presentation for induction, Committee to agree representation at induction

7) Morale

Feedback from the training committee meeting suggests that morale is low. We discussed current ways of improving integration and improving morale.

– Clay pigeon shoot – N/S already ongoing (DM)

– Poker night

– Cheese and Wine

– Astronomy stargazing evening

The EMSA (S) Summer meeting to be held in Leicester, will be organised by David Marriott, Barbara Stahl and Akeeban Maheswaran.

8) GAT TNL rep

We have had some expressions of interest from trainees for the GAT TNL post that was advertised in January

Matt Charlton (S)

Andy Hughes (S)

David Hewson (N)

Simon Denning (N)

We will be appointing a single rep by open vote.

Actions:DM to contact candidates, CH to organise votes

9) EMGAT would like to welcome the new ICM reps to the committee and look forward to working with Ziad and Zoe.