Minutes 3rd November 2015

EMGAT Minutes – November 2015

Present: David Marriott (DM), Chris Hebbes (CH), Clare Collins (CC), Susan Dashey (SuD), David Green (DG)

Apologies: Veena Daga (VD), Luke Dyson (LD), Thunga Setty (TS)


1) Minutes of previous meeting accepted

2) Integration (DM)

We discussed how EMGAT would fit with the EMSA combined North and South structure. David proposed a new committee structure

Standing officers – Chair, Secretary

Combined N/S Roles – GAT, ACCS, ICM, DITC

North – Higher / Intermediate / Basic / Social / LTFT

South – Higher / Intermediate / Basic / Social / LTFT

Whole committee to meet twice a year to coincide with the Winter and Summer meetings. Elections to be held for new posts initially in the South, and then in the North. The need to recruit more from the basic and intermediate tiers was recognised.

Current committee

Chair – David Marriott

Secretary – Chris Hebbes

GAT – Sally Dunlop

DITC – Luke Dyson

Higher – Veena Daga / Susan Dashey / Jenny Briggs / Clare Collins / Thunga Setty

Intermediate – David Green

Basic – Max Ridley

Fred Campbell-Jones

Actions: DM to liaise with North, CH/DM to organise elections for vacant posts

3) EMGAT response to Junior Doctors Contract (DM)

EMGAT recognises that this is a stressful and uncertain time. As a group, we felt it most appropriate to issue a statement pointing out sources of support. As a group, we should not be seen to be advocating any specific course of action.

Actions: CH to prepare a draft statement and circulate for comments prior to dissemination; CH to add BMA meeting to calendar

4) Trainees award

The EMSA trainee award is a development based on the historic NEMSA award, given to a North trainee based on feedback received at ARCP. This is to be a whole school award. EMGAT have been asked to be involved in the process, and to contribute to the award of this accolade.

We propose a combined system of nominations of deserving ST5-ST7 trainees from college tutors (possibly at each site) and from trainees, to be backed up with a written supporting statement. Nominees to be reviewed by EMGAT chair and Head of School, to draw up a shortlist of 3-4 for subsequent voting.

We also proposed a leaver’s award for those completing their training or moving on.

Actions: DM to discuss proposed plan with Head of School

5) Buddying (SuD)

Susan has kept the buddying scheme running. There has been a good uptake, and good feedback. Dr Hickman has provided consultant support for this. Susan has done an excellent job at this, and in her role as higher rep, and we are grateful for her work over the years, and wish her well in her consultant role.

Jenny will be continuing the buddying work and will arrange a handover with Susan.

We need to gain feedback from the current cohort on their experiences as a buddy, both from senior and novice trainees.

The current buddying scheme interfaces with some other activities within the region.

UHL – University Hospitals of Leicester are trying to establish a buddying system. They are keen to take on this initiative and to develop some training. Our concern as a group is that distance from the employing organisation is a huge strength. The development of eLearning, might be useful for some, but imposing it would be a barrier to potential buddies, which would not be desirable. However, we do welcome the focus on wellbeing at work.

North activities – Kris Inkpin is involved in the organisation of GAT 2016; there will be mentoring offered, and training for potential mentors. Uptake in the South has been poor so far.

Actions: JB / SuD to handover. JB to develop feedback questionnaire

6) Consultant feedback – for the purpose of module sign-off

The RCoA have changed the module sign off forms (now known as Completion of Unit of Training forms) to include a question about whether consultant feedback has been sought.

There have been some inconsistencies, and some module leaders are refusing to sign off unless the trainee has completed a 360 degree feedback exercise, or handed out the draft RCoA feedback forms (or EMSA versions of these). EMGAT’s understanding is that this was not the original intention of the college – the onus is on the module leader to discuss with their colleagues rather than a formal 360 degree exercise.

Actions: DM to seek statement of clarification from school board to circulate

7) EMGAT Facebook and Website

David fed back from the recent criticisms of the EMGAT Facebook group from hospital HR departments. The consensus is that the group complies with organisational social media policies and may stay, with moderation as has always been the case.

The school has a large web presence, but there were some concerns that materials were difficult to find. Additionally, there are a number of teaching and educational events, but these are not necessarily well publicised. EMGAT would be a useful conduit for this.

Actions: CH to develop an index of available resources, and to update web calendar for subscription. Review website content. To liaise with DM regarding authorship.

8) Training Issues

The number of candidates passing their primary written exam has fallen recently. There have been some changes in the organisation and notification of teaching locally, which may (in part) be responsible.

The committee noted that finals teaching was a success, but that there was enthusiasm amongst senior trainees to be involved.

DM to write to Polly Davies, Quality lead to draw her attention to issue

9) Induction

This is a major issue locally, and will be investigated by HEEM. There is a feedback meeting to be held.

The committee noted that Dr Powell, LRI is involved in the taskforce for induction, with representatives from HR. We proposed an induction survey to determine the scale of the problem.

Actions: CC to publicise HEEM feedback meeting

10) AOB

Rota issues: The committee noted that there was an inconsistent approach to Christmas rota requests. The consensus opinion was that requests over the Christmas period should not be permitted to allow fair allocations. Some trainees approaches to booking leave for the entire festive period was felt to be unfair to those other trainees on the rota – effective blocking others from taking any leave.

There has been a lapse in attendance at audit and other meetings, and in particular for UHL teaching. It was felt that this could be improved by specifically allocating this on the rota.

EMGAT sees trainees as playing a valuable part in writing rotas and helping solve day to day list allocation issues as a part of management experience which used to be part of the Admin SR role, we would support a return of recognised sessions or remuneration for trainees undertaking this role. There was a proposition for a management fellowship at the Lri – CH suggested that these funds could be used to support this activity.

Addendum – add to letter query about requesting NOC the night before leave

Actions:CH to draft letter to Dr Boddy

TSS: There is a current drive to look at the TSS and the way that it is utilised, and to advertise its services.

Actions: LD to liaise with TSS staff

Christmas social: TS is organising a Christmas social. Details to be circulated

Actions: CH to draft newsletter with dates for your diary to cover upcoming events, and abridg
ed minutes for publicity on the website.

Allan Cole – the EMGAT committee were keen to represent trainees in conveying our sympathies and wishes to Allan Cole and his family following his recent serious gliding accident. Whilst some, particularly more junior trainees may not be aware of Allan, he has had a pivotal role as a clinical anaesthetist and more recently in management and leadership.

Actions: CH – add to newsletter and circulate details of his blog, CC – send card on behalf of trainees