East Midlands Summer Annual Scientific Meeting (2)

The 2nd Annual East Midlands ASM is to be held in Leicester this Summer. We are currently looking for ideas for workshops, curriculum sessions and lecture sessions. Contact us via the facebook group or the website for more information

The 2nd Annual East Midlands Annual Scientific Meeting will take place in Leicester this Summer. Following on from a successful event in 2013, this year will be even bigger and better, to include the whole East Midlands School of Anaesthesia.

What is it?

The ASM is a day event, including the opportunity to attend lectures, workshops and to present work, with a social event and a chance to catch up with colleagues afterwards. Last year’s event included workshops on Focused Intensive Care ECHO (FICE), Regional anaesthesia, and Airway skills amongst others. The lecture series included bariatrics, enhanced recovery and careers sessions. We also held a competition for audits, case reports and research.

Plans for this year

Foillowing the merger of the schools, this year’s event will give a another chance to meet colleagues from across the whole school, and will be held in Leicester (the winter meeting will be held in Nottingham).

The meeting will follow a similar format to last year, but additionally will include some curriculum sessions on the “hard to get” areas of the curriculum. We will also hold a short EMGAT AGM as well.

The event is in the planning stages, but at present, we are looking for ideas for workshops and lectures. If you have any ideas, would like to contribute in any way, let one of the committee know either via this website or via the Facebook Group. We are also looking for suggestions for the curriculum sessions – are you finding a particular area difficult to cover? Let us know and we might be able to add it to the day. Equally, it is a great opportunity for senior trainees to demonstrate teaching skills.

More information will be sent out in due course – book your study leave as soon as the date is confirmed!