Changes to the Senior Registrar Rota in Leicester

The senior registrar rota for all UHL hospitals is in a process of change. There is currently a consultation about the most acceptable rota pattern for trainees. See this article for more information about what is happening, how it will affect you and what you need to do.

The senior registrar rota is currently in a process of change, as a result of the move from a partial shift system to a full shift system. There have been months of discussions about this, and, the change is at a point where it is inevitable. UHL have produced a number of templates for this rota, which are currently in circulation. There will be a vote, open to all EMGAT members to rank the possible options to enable us to represent your views fairly.

Why must the rota change?

Overall, there is a move away from partial shift towards full shift systems. There may be implications for EWTD compliance. Change is inevitable at this point, but we can influence the way in which the rota is finalised.

What will happen with the new rota?

All rotas will be 1 in 7 aiming for 1 in 9, with the “SR Rota” as a second ST3+ pair of hands, akin to a second on call, not necessarily ST5+ level. Trainees will be allocated to hospitals based on their modules, and will work the rota in that hospital, rather than rotating the SR rota as at present.

Those on a long day will work a normal in theatre/module day, before joining the second tier on call in the evening. The trainee will not be solo in the afternoon before an on-call. This may give more training time. The long term plan is to give more advance notice of modules which will help with planning.

With a move to full-shift working, there is no obligation for sleep, and although there will be an “anaesthetic rest room”, there will be a recliner rather than a bed.

The practical work of the second tier will be helping out where a second pair of hands is needed, and not solely dedicated to one department.

What are the rota options?

The rota options are attached below, 1-6. Leave will be influenced by a clinician, rather than solely admin staff (therefore the rotas are a guide only, but may change once leave applications are made and input).

What do I need to do?

Wait to hear about the EMGAT vote, think about how you will rank your preferences for options 1-6, and we will represent your views.

General Information (AL)

Rota options