EMGAT – Changes to your mailing list registrations

In order to simplify managing the mailing list, and to prepare for the merger of the North and South, there will be a few changes over the coming weeks

Current mailing list subscribers

If you receive EMGAT mails, you will receive a username and password to log into this site (your username will be the email address that you receive EMGAT mails to)

You will be registered as “Core”, “Intermediate”, or “Higher” depending on the mailing list that you subscribe to at present (you can change this if it’s wrong, or when you change grade).

You will also be registered as “Nottingham” or “Leicester” so that you can receive relevant local information.

There will be an element of data checking and cleansing – if you have two duplicate mail accounts registered, these will be merged.

Not a mailing list subscriber?

If you want to join, you will be able to self register soon.

The benefits of these changes will be that you can manage your EMGAT mailing list subscription, and this paves the way for us to have material such as rotas and rotations available via a log in. If we know what grade and where you are, we can also give you relevant local information to your grade. It also allows us to prepare for the North/South merger and management of a doubling user population.

Finally, the EMGAT survey system that we use for votes and surveys is linked in to this. As part of the changes above, all current subscribers will be put on to the survey system. Any new ones will be automatically added, and any changes will be propagated through the systems.