Minutes 17th March 2014

EMGAT Minutes – March 2014

Present: Andrew Ling (AL), Sally Dunlop (SD), Livia Malanjum (LM), Susan Dashey (SD), Chris Hebbes (CH), Elinor Wighton (EW), Veena Daga (VD) and Stephen Hillier (SH).

Apologies: Rebecca Barker (RB)


1. Previous minutes deemed accurate.

2. Committee reshuffle. RB is stepping down as chair. AL has agreed to take on the role of chair. AL will organise elections for secretary and other roles as necessary. SD noted that the group appears ‘top heavy’ again and AL agreed to revisit the number of representatives from different training levels. AL also suggested that more members of the committee should be attending these meetings (i.e. not necessarily the same person each time). AL to organise internal vote and appeal for more representatives. RB to provide current list of committee for AL. CH will organise voting system.

3. Merger – This is now complete. Dr Norris has taken on the role of head of school. RB has attended HEEM meeting with new minutes to report. The school has suggested that EMGAT have representatives from both halves of the deanery, also that our hosting be moved to the moodle. Committee keen to keep separate from the deanery’s website. CH to liase with this. (CH – Update – movement to moodle will not happen – EMGAT site will continue as is, but might move physical server from Dr Norris). We discussed opening the Facebook group to the north trainees. Mixed reaction on this. CH has a trainee in the north who is willing to help

with admin.

4. UHL rotas – the SR partial shift system is to be finished at the end of April 14, with a new site system in place from May 14. New templates for this have been circulated without a job description, it isn’t clear yet how this is to function, particularly what duties are expected of anaesthetists on this rota during the 8 – 6 part of the ‘Long Day’. A trainee representative has been present at the meetings but has not consulted with EMGAT or communicated this information as yet. We have agreed to recommend that no templates are signed off until further details are available to all. LM will discuss with Dr Shah (who attended the meeting). AL and RB will make our views clear to the consultants. A meeting will be held in the LRI on Thursday 27th March in main theatres. All welcome.

5. Changing goalposts – The merger with the North has highlighted inconsistencies between the way in which the North and South of the deanery are accepting different amounts of evidence and competencies for the same levels of training. It appears that what the college recommend and what are expected at ARCP not identical, especially in the higher and advanced training and particularly which modules are in fact compulsory. For example, dual ICM trainees believe higher obstetrics is not required, all trainees are being told differing information about how many general modules are required at final ARCP. This is leading to discussions of delayed CCT dates. All this complicated by the multiple curricula on going currently. AL will write to TPD and Deanery to seek clear information on this.

6. DiT and survey – SH and EW reported from the Doctors in Training committee. The minutes of this are now available. Unsurprisingly, no response or progress on rotating doctor car parking issues. HR policy of 6 week advance notice of on calls for rotas is clearly not being adhered to. SH suggested we survey this and present the evidence. AL suggested surveying this in around August changeover would allow the most opportunity for data collection. SH to take forward. AL will make the minutes available.

7. Certificates – AL agreed that it would be useful to provide some recognition for achievements whilst on the committee.

8. ASM – RB has agreed with TPD and deanery that we will hold a summer ASM in the South in September, the North will hold a winter ASM. There is likely to be funding available for this. This is going to require much planning. RB has suggested that she would like to be involved in this again, we have agreed that it would be wise to utilise the experience gained from last year’s effort. All to consider ideas for workshops and lectures, need to start planning before next meeing.

9. Googledocs – AL urged all committee members to use the universal Googledrive set up by CH for group documents to replace the ‘round robin’ emailing of documents. All to login and write their name on the test document please. Instructions from AL and CH to follow. (CH – Actioned)

10. Assessments – SH reported that the CT cohort are reporting difficulties with getting discussion topics signed off again, particularly that consultants are unaware and uninterested in the vast quantity of these to be done for module sign off. To be reported to the training committee.