Minutes 16th July 2014

EMGAT Minutes 16th July 2014

Present: Andrew Ling (AL), Chris Hebbes (CH), Susan Dashey (SuD), Steve Hilllier (SH), Veena Daga (VD)

Apologies: Paul Groves, Livia Malanjum, Sally Dunlop, Rahil Mandalia


1) Minutes of previous meeting accepted

Matters outstanding:

Rota survey: The EMGAT rota survey measuring compliance with the recommendation to send out rotas 6 weeks in advance, along with acceptability and training concerns. This has been proposed, and SH had written a draft.

Congratulations cards: To be taken over by SuD

Actions: Check survey on website and activate before 2014/15 (CH), If not already, SH to send questions to CH

Liaise with TPD/Elaine to find out recent exam (in entirity) passes and send cards (SuD)

2) Recruitment: There is a need to recruit to the committee. AL noted that the committee had higher and basic members, but we are now short on intermediate members.

The current committee will shuffle as follows, and require the recruitment of 3 new intermediate reps, and one higher rep.

SD expressed interest in taking up the GAT link role again, and there were no objections to this.

SH is to stand down as DiTC rep, but will remain on the EMGAT committee

Within the last session, RB, LM, EW, SS and DF have stood down from the committee, we would like to thank them for their contributions and hard work.

AL will investigate a certificate to recognise the achievements of committee members

Recruitment and voting will occur at the beginning of 2014/15 academic year.

Actions: Publicise recruitment and organise voting system (CH), Update website with new committee membership (CH), Organise certificates to recognise committee members (AL)

3) Meetings feedback

Whole school training committee (AL)

EMGAT admin support – we agree that this would be a valuable asset to EMGAT, in particular to aid communication, as we are not currently able to use the VLE to reach other trainees

The electronic presences of the school are being combined, we will provide a link to the VLE and official school site, and vice-versa.

The school expressed concerns that the EMGAT facebook was not moderated by a consultant. However, we felt that this is not required, and the strength of the facebook group is the ability to discuss amongst trainees only. There is a robust acceptable usage policy. The role of the committee is to immediately remove any posts which could be seen to bring the school into disrepute, and certainly anything that breaches confidentiality, along with contacting the original poster.

Actions: (Committee) to be vigilant in their use of the facebook site, Ensure that all committee members are admins (CH), Add links to EMGAT and facebook sites (CH), Review acceptable use policy (CH)


Major issues from this

ARCP: As above – Actions: AL to send a letter to TPD feeding back on the ARCP process

Paperwork: Will go on to the VLE, knowledge based sections likely to change

Teaching: Will be 10 new curriculum days, duplicated in North and South – trainees can sign up to either. Content to be decided. There is a Teaching Strategy day in September – EMGAT committee invited – Actions: CH to circulate invitation email


We discussed the issues with the ARCP process. The checklist was delivered 1 month prior to the ARCP deadline, and was significantly different from last year’s. This is probably due to the merger.

AL was unable to attend his PYA, as it was scheduled in the middle of a set of nights, with no flexibility to change. There was also last minute notification where trainees were required to attend for a feedback day, which had impact on theatre lists due to lack of trainee availability.

Actions: Letter to TPD and HoS giving feedback about ARCP process concerns (AL)

5. Summer and Winter ASMs

Summer ASM

The Summer ASM is in the advanced stages of preparation. RB has worked extensively on this. As a committee, we should be available on the day to help out and facilitate.

SH suggested that we could consider video recording some sessions to enable those trainees on-call and unable to attend to rewatch sessions at a later date. This could potentially be a pilot for a scheme to record teaching sessions to help populate the VLE and improve access to teaching.

CH noted that we had previously discussed holding a “whole school” EMGAT ASM, to include reps from the North.

This is not mandatory, but the school encourages trainees to be released, and all except on-call teams should be released. VD noted that she had not been released from the ITU rota at the LRI, but was on-call on the day of the meeting.

A lack of social events had been noted in the calendar, and the committee agreed that an evening social event would be a welcome chance for the North and South of the school to meet, depending on the venue and event catering arrangements.

Actions: SH/CH to liaise with VLE team, venue and RB about video recording (SH/CH), Whole committee to facilitate as required on the day, Liaise with North reps to organise a whole school EMGAT meeting (AL), Liaise with RB regarding social (who?)

Winter ASM

The Winter ASM has just been announced for 19th December at Nottingham conference centre. CH is organising this, with a theme of “Excellence in Education”.

We discussed a Christmas social, which may be suitable for this day. CH to discuss with organising committee.

Actions: CH to liaise with organising committee, ideas and help from committee welcome(!)

6. Buddying Scheme Training

The Buddying scheme is to be run again this year. The North do not have a similar scheme at present. SH has offered to organise the scheme in the South and potentially to help match trainees in the North.

SH is in touch with Manchester – Nancy Redfern and Alex Bonner and is planning a visit to their mentoring training day, which is offered to all trainees in this scheme on August 15th.

The scheme this year will change and it is acceptable to St3/4 to be buddies to novice trainees.

Actions: Email to recruit buddies, and details of new trainees (AL/SH), Liaise with North to find volunteers to run scheme

**Mentoring training would fit well into the Prog for the WSM (CH)

7. AoB

Polly Davies now quality lead in the South.

AL will write her re the ATEEM tool survey, late publishing of rotas, access to contacting all trainees as training committee, access to mentoring training for buddy system, equality of north/south teaching, a peer supported online forum to discuss difficult clinical cases (to learn from)