Minutes 22nd August 2013


Rebecca Barker, Andrew Ling, Susan Dashey, Sally Dunlop, Chris Hebbes, Helen Dagget.


Livia Malanjum, Steve Hillier, David Ridley


1. The minutes from May were accepted. Terms of reference document to be edited re-attendance. The committee is now larger than when originally developed and it is challenging to co-ordinate all attending. Action – Andrew to edit.

2. School Merger – Andrew fed back from the Deanery Board meeting. The North and South EMD is going to become the East Midlands Academy of Anaesthesia, as per the GMC/RCoA. This is going to function similar to now, with 2 divisions (North and South) to prevent excessive commutes for Specialty Registrars and staff. This should allow for extra training opportunities from both North and South without the need for applying for OOPE (Out of program experience). Dr Greiff has requested the trainees suggest a list of pros and cons for discussion and problem solving. Action – email all trainees to canvass opinion.

3. ECMO – There has been concerns that Senior trainees are being asked to ‘retrieve’ ECMO referrals with no training. Also that ECMO patients present an under utilised training opportunity. Dr G Williams has asked Dr Collett to organise training for Registrars. The committee feel that Registrars currently rotating through GGH ICU are getting on the job training and experience and the Senior Registrars are not exposed to this. Action – Andrew to ask Dr Porter to teach at Post Final FRCA teaching.

4. Rotas General – No progress so far with developing the SR rota. The vacancy crisis at the LRI maternity unit and ICU has forced the trust into exploring new options. The LGH has recruited a pool of Specialty Doctors. Dr Scott was approached by Dr Ayorinde and Dr Greiff to create a hybrid rota: This would involve moving 2 registrars allocated to the LGH to do on calls at the LRI, allowing them to continue there elective time at the LGH and on call time at the LRI split between GD and Maternity. Dr Scott raised many concerns about this. He has asked Andrew to look into it further. Andrew is concerned that: the LRI GD template has recently been changed from a 1:9 to 1:8 to remove vacancies already and would like to see evidence that trainees were consulted, the on call (‘service’) part of the rota would be excessive and result in minimal elective time for the trainees, there are safety concerns about working in multiple areas without adequate induction, this increases further the amount of obstetric cases in an already obs heavy log book for all trainees, splitting the on call amongst more than 2 doctors would require a new template, the maternity rota has 1-10pm shifts that make a combined rota very difficult to write, this will be extremely unpopular for all registrars, multi-site working will cause more car parking issues for registrars. Specialty registrars are irritated that allocations and rotas are not being published until less than a week before commencing, the guideline is a minimum of 6 weeks. Action – Andrew will produce examples of a theoretical rota, contact Vidya Patel in HR and canvass doctors who will work this rota for opinions, Becky will discuss at the training committee.

5. Study Leave – Intrepid has been launched with no warning to Specialist Registrars or admin and clerical staff. The system is currently not fit for purpose as unable to book study leave further than current job or sometimes within the current job. Becky has already contacted the deanery and Intrepid contacts to raise concerns. There are also concerns about the lack of transparency of our actual budgets and ‘top-slicing’ used to pay for the Warwick course which many of us are struggling to get access to and feel that the learning objectives are not in line with registrar’s needs. Action – Becky to raise at TCM.

6. Training modules, e-portfolio and signing off modules – Chris explained that there is still some resistance to consultants completing assessments, reasons given include: that they ‘don’t have log-in to the e-portfolio’, don’t feel appropriate to sign off competencies. Also that some of the forms are badly designed with the ‘satisfactory’ box not clearly indicated. This sometimes leads to assessments not appearing as ‘complete’ when a consultant thinks they have completed it. Action – Becky to raise at TCM

7. Website – the committee thanked Chris for the website improvements and the distribution of information to trainees via the mailing list. Becky explained that funding has been given by the Deanery for the site fee. Action – None required.

8. ARCP – Andrew recounted 2 registrars’ experience of ARCP difficulties. The Deanery initially described that Educational supervisors were allowed to predict outcome 1 where a doctor was expected to have ALL competencies completed by the end of the year. An external representative and post-graduate dean on the panel decided that within 4 weeks of this point should be considered the end and thus gave outcome 5 results. Dr Ferrie (College tutor KGH) has contacted the deanery asking for clarification for the next set of ARCPs. It has been noted that ALL evidence will now need to be scanned into e-portfolio. Sally has found this time consuming but not technically challenging. Action – committee highlight and redistribute this information close to ARCPs and inform registrars not to leave this until the end of the year. Sally will devise a guide of what should go on e-portfolio and how to do this.

9. RCoA Symposium – Becky will attend this as EMGAT Chair and STC representative. There is one more position available which registrars are competing for. In the interest of fairness, Chris has asked Dr Scott to conduct the voting/results as Chris is a candidate. Action – None required.

10. Committee – Sally suggested that letters of thanks with certificates are distributed to members who have contributed to and have recently left the committee. It has been agreed that 3 positions are available on the committee. 1 x CT1-2, 1 x ACCS and 1 x ST5+. Recruitment to this will begin in October after the next run of FRCA exams as to not burden potential candidates. Applications as per terms of reference. Action: Template for certificate to be discussed and designed.

11. Scientific Meeting – Good progress made. Many workshops and speakers. Catering agreed. Prizes available for best oral and poster presentations. Poor registrar sign up so far. Action – Becky to ask Dr Thompson if he will judge abstracts and help with prize allocation. Contact all rota co-ordinators as trainees not on call should be released for this day. Further pushi via Elaine Shepherd and EMGAT mailing list and FB page.

12. UHL committee link – Sally provided feedback from the initial meetings, how this is structured and plan of committee structure. Access to Lockers within UHL an issue, car parking issue still irksome. No action.

13. Christmas Social – the committee are going to organise a Christmas social again this year. Ideas for venue / theme to be discussed.