Primary Teaching 2013-14 – Facebook group

For those wishing to be involved in helping with teaching the Primary trainees, Dr Leslie has set up a Facebook group to share content, resources and ideas.

You will need to “request” to join – address is https://www.facebook.com/groups/663821930313051

For more information – see message below

Call for those with an interest in Primary FRCA teaching

The Primary FRCA teaching course begins in October 2013 through to June 2014. This is a course open to all trainees studying for Primary FRCA within the School (Leicester, Northampton, Kettering and Boston).

Dr Leslie is planning 14 days in total for exam-focused teaching over that period starting on the 30th October (just as the Novice Trainees take IAC and are eligible to take the Primary FRCA) and running through to May/June (when there is a hiatus in the exam calendar until November). The sessions will take place every other Wednesday at the Undergraduate Lecture Theatre, LGH.

The new structure will rely heavily on the Primary FRCA trainees preparing MCQ, viva and OSCE style answers. There will hopefully be 2 facilitators for each morning and afternoon session, ideally a consultant and a Post-Primary FRCA trainee. The trainees will know the themes of discussion before the day, sent out via the Moodle.

Ideally, the aim is to build a small faculty of interested trainees and consultants, and this would be useful for projects related to further qualifications in Medical Education. I would be interested to hear of any innovative teaching or training methods that you think would be useful. There will be certificates produced for the facilitators, ready for revalidation and training portfolios.

I would really like the sessions to be fun for both the trainees and the facilitators. I often tell the chaps that these teaching days are the equivalent of “Boot Camp meets Group Therapy”. The idea is that everyone is in the same boat, so there is no real humiliation in answering questions in front of the group, but hopefully it’s just Boot Camp enough to stimulate them to do the reading and preparation beforehand. The afternoon session is ripe for role-playing so those of you with thespian tendencies may shine at this!

I think that a debriefing period at the end for trainees to discuss any clinical issues they have encountered, in a forum with trainees at the same level, is very useful as an exercise in sharing experience and practice. Also, with the changes in working hours and training over the last few years, sometimes the teaching sessions are the only regular times when the trainees get to see each other and hopefully set up study buddy groups outside the sessions.

Email Dr Leslie if interested!