Excellent Opportunity for Anyone Interested in Simulation Based Training

Excellent Opportunity for Anyone Interested in Simulation Based Training

Dr Satya Francis and Mike Little are looking for people to become part of the faculty for the simulation based Foundation Doctor/ Preceptorship Nurse patient safety training. This is a one day simulation and lecture based course for junior doctors and nurses, and focuses on patient safety, along with recognising and treating common medical and surgical emergencies. It takes place in the Clinical Skills Unit, and utilises the high-fidelity simulation suites and a highly trained clinical skills team. Some of you have already taken part, but we are looking to expand.

As part of the faculty, your job will be to provide medical supervision of the simulation scenarios, and impart your specialist knowledge to newly qualified staff in UHL. No preparation is required, just your presence and highly specialised knowledge base. It is an excellent role for anyone who has an interest in simulation based training, patient safety, teaching, training and leadership. You are provided with a certificate for your CV on completion, and in the future, CPD points will be available. Ideally, we would like people who are post-final FRCA, so not to get in the way of exams, but all are welcome.

To get an idea of how many people are interested, and to give you an opportunity to walk around the Clinical Skills Unit and meet the current faculty and iStan, we are looking to hold a short informal meeting at 15:00 on Wednesday 24th of July, in the Clinical Skills Unit in the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building at the LRI (the other side of the building that houses the clinical library, between the canteen and the Knighton Street Outpatients Clinic –https://www.euhl.nhs.uk/csu/). If you are interested, please can you email me on dr.mike.little@googlemail.com or via the EMGAT Facebook page so we can get an idea of numbers. If you can’t make it, again please email me, and I can answer any questions you might have and let you know when there are vacancies.

Thanks for your help, and look forward to seeing you.