UHL Doctors in Training Rep

We have been advised that, due to the size of the specialty, UHL requires 2 ST and 1 CT rep for their Doctors in Training committee. Potential candidates were asked to submit their manifestos prior to election.

As we have only received 2 ST and 1 CT expression of interest, we are pleased to announce that the new UHL Doctors in Training committee members representing Anaesthesia are

  • Dr Sally Dunlop – ST member
  • Dr Elinor Kirk – ST member
  • Dr Steve Hillier – CT member

Sally will leave her existing role as AAGBI Link to take up this role. Livia Malunjam will take up the AAGBI link role. Steve will take up this new role. Finally, we welcome Elinor to the EMGAT committee and look forward to working with her.

EMGAT is holding internal elections for secretary from the existing committee. Vacated roles will then be up for general election and the new EMGAT secretary will be announced at the end of the week.

If you’re interested in joining, keep an eye on the website and facebook for news of posts to apply for.