UHL Doctors in Training Committee Vote

As requested by the School of Anaesthesia (South), this vote is to determine the UHL Trainee Committee Representative, who will sit jointly on the UHL Trainee committee and also as a member of EMGAT. In order to be elegible to vote, you will need to register if you have not already (if you signed up at a the CT1-2, ST3-4 or ST5-7 mailing list, you are registered) – see the Facebook group, your email from the school or email chair@emgat.org.uk if you are unsure

This role will require

  • Attendance at engagement UHL Trainee committee meetings, representing the views of the trainee body
  • Attendance at EMGAT committee meetings
  • Feedback on wider trainee issues

Our school has requested EMGAT organise an election for this post.

The two applicants are listed below.

Dr Sally DUNLOP (ST6, Anaesthesia and ICM):

I believe the well being and education of doctors in training is vital. A happy junior doctor work force makes for a more efficient and productive hospital.

For the last 16 months I have held the position of AAGBI Trainee Network Link. I have gained insight into how anaesthesia trainees are treated within other deaneries and hospitals across the country. We have started to implement some changes within our own school thanks to this information. This includes the Buddy scheme for novice trainees and the Facebook page, which I set up in order to try to improve communication amongst anaesthetic trainees.

Having worked in numerous hospitals in this and other deaneries, across a range of specialties I have an excellent insight into what makes a hospital a hit or miss for trainees. We should relish the prospect of working in a major University Teaching Hospital, not dread our return to UHL from the DGH down the road. It is disappointing to me that there is an atmosphere of general despondency amongst trainees within UHL and am very keen to be involved with this project to try to improve this situation and make UHL a place where trainees want to work.

Dr Elinor KIRK (ST4, Anaesthesia and ICM):

I’m an ST4 currently working at the LRI. I have recently moved from Yorkshire and am currently familiarising myself with the East Midlands.

The Deanery is trying to organise a training committee as it has realised there are problems with education and training across all specialties, not least anaesthetics.

Fundamental changes are occurring in the NHS which are beyond our control. This will impact on our education with decreased time for training and more time spent in service provision. There is increasing demand for us to achieve certain targets (exams, assessments etc) within shorter timescales.

I realise that I know very few of you, and I’m still getting to know Leicester. I am, however, passionate about us all being able to get the most out of our time here. I am in the perfect position to bring new ideas which have been successful elsewhere to the table, as well as using those aspects from here that are currently working well.

I will put in the time to listen to your concerns and to give a voice to the trainees in an effort to improve our education and training and to allow us to enjoy our time here.