Minutes 14 March 2013

Minutes EMGAT Thursday 14th March 2013 7.30pm

Venue: Chris Hebbes house
Present: Chair – Simon Scott

Secretary – Rebecca Barker

Sally Dunlop, Livia Malanjum, Andrew Ling, Danny Fleet, Chris Hebbes, Helen Cronshaw

Apologies: Susan Marland, Dave Ridley, Steve Hillier

1. ARCP group meetings minutes.

Only trainees completing end of training blocks eg CT2, ST4 and CCT at ST7 required to attend. In future it will be on line eportfolio but there will still be somethings required as paper copy. Will need to complete form R for revalidation will come from deanery. Plan to merge ARCPs for North & South. Problem with dates if mandatory given one date. To monitor if trainees have problems with dates. ACTION: Andrew to email out minutes/ highlights.

2. Car park survey update.

Have collated data from car park survey will send to chief exec, Dr Powell, Sue Carr, deanery and head of car parking. ACTION Andrew to identify head of car park, Simon to send letter.

3. Buddy update

Poor response rate will resend. Positive from those who have responded aim to improve for this year. ACTION Becky to resend and collate results d/w novice training meeting.

4. SR induction

Suggestion SR guide written to help those starting as SRs. Guide to be written by Becky, Andrew.

5. Deanery Trainee day

Dr Grieff has money for a one day meeting for posters, prizes locally. EMGAT to be involved with organisation and the day. Talks – local consultants, workshops? ACTION All to brainstorm ideas for the day then discuss at next meeting. Could use as springboard to swarm type thing like Birminham, to organise research amongst trainee body. Danny to discuss with Dr Gopinath about mentoring.

6. Computer systems/website – drop box etc

Document store for EMGAT, some committee stuff/works in progress and some as accessible to all trainees. Googledrive with EMGAT website. Minutes to be published on website. Can edit on google drive. ACTION Chris to set up.

7. Communication with trainee body

FB working well, publishing minutes, website has buddy/LTFT guides. At teaching sessions gain feedback. Steve Hillier has prepared an excellent document about CT1/2 trainees which will be fed back to Dr Cageny at novice training development day.

Encourage trainees with an interest to engage others with that specific interest.

Biggest issue is getting email list for all trainees.

ACTION Helen to make posters to go in trainee coffee rooms and discuss with Dr Grieff or Sue Carr about printing

8. UHL trainee committee representative

Deadline for 200 words and organise elections. ACTION Becky to organise getting information and sending out, then limesurvey for election.

9. Committee elections & constitution

Noted that whilst previous attempts were made for elections the last time only enough trainees provided a 200 word manifesto to fill the posts which were vacant. Principle of democracy and openness. Reapply at CT1, ST3 and ST5. Chair/secretary from committee. Attendance rule. Chair and secretary to be from committee. Simon steps down from chair, we thank him for his hard work. Becky unopposed as chair. Leaving secretary role vacant, Andrew and Danny proposed to write 200 word statement to be circulated to committee prior to vote. ACTION Write terms of reference Becky & Andrew. Election once personal statements circulated.

10. Any other business

Guides could be written by trainees survival guides, screened by EMGAT and uploaded onto website. Open to all trainees not clinical but survival eg SR guide, guide to NGH etc

GAT sally to forward info to all trainees.

Helen requests that EMGAT committee aim to get to socials as arranged.