Minutes 09 January 2013

Minutes EMGAT Wednesday 9th January 2013

19.30 Simons House

  1. Apologies – Danny, Susan, Steve
  2. Trainee Feedback – After last post finals teaching with TPD and HoS which was quite useful decided to meet them twice a year. Need to get feedback for final FRCA and primary FRCA teaching. Plan is to use structured questions written by Chris and ask at teaching sessions. Use this to construct a survey based on feedback received. Possibly use turning point. Simon to speak to medical centre re turning point. Chris has knowledge of how to use turning point. Some sort of drop box/ google drive to be sorted by the tech savy. Chris/Simon
  3. Buddy feedback – Feedback form devised to send to buddies to try and prove worth and find ways to improve for next year. May need to streamline buddies novice and seniors to target those who would benefit most.
  4. CT2 careers/application advice – Career advice throughout is lacking. Simon will discuss this at TC.
  5. Educational Supervision – Audit against gmc standards to try and find constructive answers to support es to get training. Simon will speak to RL/BJ. Becky and Sally construct audit once discussion with school taken place. Idea supported by regional advisor and 2 college tutors but recognise importance of working with TPD/school.
  6. GAT link – work being done on workforce planning nothing yet to report.
  7. Any other business – coroners court guide Andrew to liase with JP.

Thanks to Simon for a fantastic meal!