Minutes 11 September 2012

Minutes Meeting EMGAT 11th September 2011

  1. EMGAT ball winter going ahead responses 22 but booking a few extra spaces. Consider inviting a few consultants. Consider summer options.
  2. Car park survey 83 responses so far, one further email reminder then will review results. Need to work out denominator (ie number of trainees).
  3. Appointment of new members to EMGAT. DGH link for each peripheral hospital and one person to coordinate responses. Replacement for Claire. Decision to change members based on attendance and commitment.
  4. Coroners court. Decision to make a guide for trainees to help them if they need to go to coroners court. Arrange a network to allow someone to go with any trainee attending for support.
  5. LTFT. Survey complied to identify problems with process and possible solutions. Will compile results. Will try to organise network for LTFT for support. A consultant with responsibility for LTFT would be a good idea.
  6. Consider confidential way to report problems with consultants.