Minutes 28 February 2012

Minutes EMGAT 28th February 2012

  1. 1. Management course. Raising concerns; Not fit for purpose; no accreditation; timing of the course around primary/finals; study leave for elearning/essay, time spent to complete essay; content. Is it compulsory? Options write a letter raising concerns. Becky & Helen to write letter.
  2. 2. Neuro – issues requirement to do neuro/cardiac since 2007 but not been in place. Could the neuro be outsourced more widely?
  3. 3. Rota – from May no SHO LGH. Less on call but future down banding. Potential to loose SR at GGH? Should improve training.
  4. 4. Concerns about not having junior on call in Kettering – no night junior ST1/2 just registrar. Potential to reach ST3 with no on calls. Detrimental to learning and to competiveness for ST3 jobs within alternative deaneries. Noted RCoA does not feel on calls are essential for ST1/2. Helen& Sally to speak to Dr Ferrie and report
  5. 5. GAT report. Sally has given a report to GAT. Sally will relay any feedback from GAT. (Everyone – let Sally know reading list)
  6. 6. Last meeting discussed consultant feedback needed for revalidation. Decided 5 questions to make it easy to fill in. Information held by consultant. To be rolled out as a pilot.
  7. 7. Social. Set dates to celebrate exams completing vivas. Hiring places not viable as no funds. Social network to be set up by Simon.
  8. 8. Next meeting. April date tbc.