Minutes 20 December 2011

Minutes Meeting Tuesday 20/12/11


Simon Scott – Chair

Rebecca Barker – Secretary

Danny Fleet

David Ridley


  1. Format for future meetings? When? Where? How often?

Options for venue include LRI university coffee room, a restaurant or rotating at committee members houses. It was felt that a restaurant would be too noisy. The timing of meetings could be directly after work, however this would be difficult for those at more peripheral hospitals. An evening meeting at willing members houses was felt to be the best option to ensure privacy and the best attendance.

As there are workforce planning and training committee meetings roughly every 2 months it was felt that having a meeting either directly before to discuss matters to bring up at these meetings or afterwards to feedback would be the best time.

A formal meeting with hopefully better attendance was planned for jan/feb 2012.


  1. Representation on hospital meetings

There are a number of forums upon which trainee representation would be needed including the workforce planning and training committee. The representatives would then feedback to the committee.


  1. Elections

It was felt that to improve the validity of the group it was important that the committee is elected. Trainees would write a 100 word manifesto and then voting would take place via the website. It was hoped that the committee would be elected by 2013 with two rounds of voting August and December 2012 this would allow for some continuity of committee membership.


  1. Website

Simon has a website set up which would have useful information for trainees and act as a social connection with a facebook style messaging service. The website would also provide a forum for voting. Committee members would have log ins to allow editing and addition of content.


  1. 5. Elaine Shepherd leaving

Reorganisation of the office staff means that Elaine Shepherds job will be split and either moved to the deanery or within medical workforce. Either way Elaine Shepherd has been pertinent to smooth running of many trainees working life. An epetition about how valued Elaine is by trainees has been written be Simon and it is hoped that trainees will sign this.


  1. 6. Pastoral care

It has been noted that there is a lack of pastoral care for the trainees. There is a mentorship course which is free. It is hoped that the committee may be involved in pastoral care for the trainees.

Action. Simon will speak to Dr French regarding members who are interested in attending the course.


  1. 7. Surveys

For revalidation consultants need evidence of their teaching. It has been asked that a survey for trainees to feedback on consultants teaching be formulated. The deanery states that all surveys must be traceable even if anonymous. It was felt that there needed to be a gatekeeper for the information and this would ideally be the committee to give confidence that consultants would not see who has feedback. The surveys could potentially be run via the new website, results organised and sent on to Dr Leighton.


  1. 8. Moodle

Comments on moodle have been requested. It was felt that it was difficult to navigate and not updated frequently enough.


  1. 9. Novice/basic trainees

The emergency list was discussed. It was felt that a consultant and SHO could run the list with a registrar with the SR bleep on an elective list therefore the registrar could get more training lists and the SHO would get a more hands on experience.


  1. 10. 2007 curriculum

The 2007 curriculum was discussed. Discussions are underway with the college.

  1. 11. Site meetings

It was hoped that each site would have a closed forum where trainees could meet with reps from the committee so that everyones views can be represented. It was highlighted that these forums should be constructive and proposals for solutions for problems should be sought.


  1. 12. Subs

Any ideas? Two thoughts were proposed that mess fees be diverted to the committee a small percentage would be given to the mess to allow use by all anaesthetic trainees the rest would be used to orgainse social gatherings etc. The other thought was to wait possibly until after election so the committee can prove its worth.


  1. 13. Post exam drinks/socials

It was felt that passing the primary and final is a big deal and that it should be recognised. It was hoped that we could organise something after the primary exam in January. I Christmas party was suggested as an idea for 2012. The need for a social secretary was discussed.


  1. 14. Meeting trainees

It was felt that there should be committee representation at induction.