Welcome to our new trainees

Getting Started in the East Midlands

Hello and welcome to our new trainees!

This page is designed to help you get up and running, to let you know about what EMGAT is all about, what we do, and what you should do to get started.

Quick Start!

Things that you really should try to do in your first month

  • Register for the EMGAT mailing list
  • Join the EMGAT Facebook Group
  • Follow us on Twitter (@EMGATorg)
  • Contact your training Buddy
  • Come along to our meet and greet
  • Remember to breathe (no, really – the first month can feel hectic, rushed and chaotic. Take some time out for beers!)


The East Midlands Group of Anaesthetists in Training was set up to represent your views, answer your questions and to coordinate social and teaching activities.

There are reps at every level, but as the committee will be on training rotations too, they might not necessarily be in your hospital. To find out who your rep is, see the Committee page. Even if your rep isn’t based in your hospital, any of the committee will be able to help you, or just contact us through the contact page.

We hold elections to each of the general rep positions as committee members move on – maybe you might consider joining us, helping to shape your training?

Mailing lists and communications

The East Midlands deanery is spread out over a wide area and getting in touch can be difficult. We have an EMGAT mailing list through which we disseminate information about teaching, events, training opportunities and courses. You can register for this by following the signup link on the EMGAT website.

We also communicate with you via Twitter and Facebook.


The buddy system was set up to provide a helping hand to novice trainees. You will be paired up with a post-FRCA trainee whilst you are completing your novice training. The aim of this scheme is to give you a few friendly faces, help you settle in and to help you with those issues that you are unsure of but don’t feel able to discuss with your educational supervisor. The scheme isn’t compulsory, and you are not obliged to use your buddy, but they are there if you need them. We try to match buddies in hospitals.


If you are LTFT or are considering LTFT at any point in your career, we have produced a helpful guide with the people to contact who can make this happen for you.