The East Midlands Group of Anaesthetists in Training (EMGAT) committee was set up to provide representation for trainee anaesthetists in the East Midlands. Originally a Leicester based group, following the merger of the North and South of the deanery, EMGAT strives to represent the views of trainees across the region.

Our notable achievements to date include

Social Events

We believe that having the opportunity to relax with colleagues is an important way to deal with the stresses of work. We organise social events and publicise information about current events within the school. Examples of our events include the successful winter ball, the summer barbecue and ad-hoc social gatherings.

Educational Events

Our site is the hub for educational content. We have primary and final FRCA pages, which are in the process of redevelopment. We have the facility to publicise and record educational events via our events and education pages. EMGAT organised a successful ASM in 2013, which included workshops, lectures and seminars. We are currently planning the next ASM for summer 2014.

Standing up for trainees

EMGAT provides representation at the training committee, doctors in training committee and at school board level. We canvas and represent your views to those in charge of training. As a result of our work with the deanery, there is an additional allowance of external study leave available. Our current campaign surrounds the changes to the senior registrar rota within UHL.


Our reps provide information advice and a source of support within the school. Under our previous chair, Dr Rebecca Barker, a buddying system was established in order to help and support novice anaesthetists through the difficult novice transition period. EMGAT has also made great strides in the support of LTFT trainees within the region, and there is now a LTFT network.